The first dual RX  color display transverter on the World!
  ME2-XP 2m dual RX (EME)  transverter specifications  








  • Frequency Coverage: 144.0-146.0MHz  band.
  • IF in/out Frequency : 28.0-30.0MHz, or 14.0-16.0MHz
  • LO frq stability:  Low phase noise  AXTAL TCXO, Better than< 0.5ppm(0 to +50C)  abt. 0.1ppm typ btn 20 to 30C         
  • I/O Impedance : 50 Ohm unbalanced
  • Input Voltage : 13.8VDC, +-5%, polarity mismatch, 10A -40dB EMI filter.
  • Power Consumption :  0.75A  on RX, 5.8A on TX @30W out version, 10.0A @50W version.
  • Size & Weight : WxDxH: 240x270x95mm, 2.9kg.(50W version unit)


  • RX(2x) front-end : <0.8dB NF,overall NF typ 1.0dB,OIP3 typ +24dBm ,IIP3 typ.+4dBm
  • RX RF mixers : CSYM-1815 by MCL.
  • RX overall gain : max.28dB (variable btn 12-26dB)
  • IF rejection : >85dB
  • RX connectors: 2x  "N" type, separate to 2x receivers.
  • Common ANT/RX1 is possible.
  • Separate IF outputs ( H and V pol signals)
  • Additive IF output possibility with internal IF combiner MC-1.(Additive H&V on single IF out)
  • TCXO side noise: -150dBm at 10KHz
  • Additive IF output with optional MC-1  IF combiner!


  • Power Output: 30W (or 50W  version) continuous carrier.
  • IF power input: -20 to +37dBm (switchable built in  5W att. to IC7300 etc)
  • SWR input : 1:1.1
  • Emission modes : CW, SSB, FM, Digital
  • Harmonic Output Suppression: >70dB below rated output

   3.2" color display controlled by Arduino Mega

   FWD,REV,Watt, TX/RX ,Main voltage,Current,Temperature,FAN speed displayed.

   Digital,RF output PWR control with memory,by DW & UP buttons,

   >2.2 VSWR,overcurrent,high temp. faults displayed, with autoreset function.(remote op!)

   + more features controlled by Arduino...


  • RA30H1317M Mitsubishi RF Power Module, RA80H1415M on 50W version

  • Built in ext. fan  speed controller  circuit

  •  Color LCD bargraph frontpage FWD & REV meter

  • Variable DIGITAL output PWR control by memory (5-30W) or (8-50W on high
    power version)

  • SND jack for ext PAs (GND out when TX, open collector +50V/0.5A max)
    +12V out for ICOM radios.(  switch it to transverter mode)

  • 9 pole Sub-D connector for external service.( PTTin,+13,8V on TX, 2nd SND out etc.)

  • ALC circuit


  • Built in 50mSec sequencer

  • Optional fan module (2pcs  50x50mm external fan ),standard on 50W version.

  • Built in heatsink  temp. sensor

  • IF input & output BNC connectors( single IF in, 2x IF out for IF receivers- H & V polarity)

  • Common TX/RX or separate 2m RX connectors.

  • 20A type DC connectors

  • Optional IF RX, TX and PTT cables

  • Built in jumperable IF amplifier to low out level radios(IC7600,7800,FTDX5000 etc.)

  • We offer this transverter to contest operation as well !

    Operating environments:

      - temperature range: 0+50 degs.Celsius;
      - humidity: up to 95% @ +35 degs.Celsius.


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